The Alva'atan Jungle ("Fyrdassa vek Alva'atan"), also known as the Great Jungle ("Ishfyrdassa") is a vast equatorial rainforest that extends across much of northern Ishkrond, from the mountains of the west all the way to the east coast. To the north and south, the rainforest grades into seasonally dry tropical woodland.

The forest covers much of the northern basin of the Alva'atan River. Vast stretches of the lowlands are flooded during the rainy season as the river and its numerous tributataries overflow their banks.

Within this vast forest occur a great variety of landscapes and habitats, including enormous swamps, swamp forests, and drier uplands, karst hills and mountain forests.

Many different peoples live in the forest. In the east, the Alvatany occupy many small forest villages as well as a few larger cities, the largest of which is Hugares. Tribes of Tordresh and Gobdresh occupy other regions of the forest, enganging in long-simmering quarrels with one another and the Alvatany over territory rights.

In previous centuries, imperial cities of Ishmodia flourished along the banks of the Alva'Atan in the east, and vast swathes of jungle were cleared for grazing and cropland. Since the War of the Father and Sons, the empire has retreated, these cities have fallen into ruin, and the jungle has reclaimed the land. The Battle for the Alva'atan was a major blow to Ishmodia, as this battle cause the Ishmodians to retreat and lose almost all of the Imperial Jungle. The battles itself was also devastating, and the loses were in the thousands for both sides.

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