Phancranore Lendercon, one of the Alvatani. (Drawing by Theo Wilson)

The Alvatany are a people who claim descent from both Feidresh and Hudresh ancestors. Some legends suggest that the Alvatani also have ancestors among the Tordresh and Gobdresh.

The Alvatani live in the vast rainforests of the northern basin of the Alva'atan River. They worship the Jagwere, among other deities.

They live mainly in small villages in the forest, though at least one larger city is known: Hugares.

They're also known as the 'Atangromvidresh because the ride tapirs, which are called 'Atangromvi.

Alvatany have many legends. One of the main characters in legend is Ganacop Diddlelydop, a Cleric of Jo Jo Shuminibop. Their are many tales of how heroicly, accidentally, and absentminedly defeated many powerful foes, such as the giant aguoti, a monster that had destroyed several villages already when Ganacop caused a earthquake with his unpedictable magic and the agouti was swalowed up by the earth.

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