Chrrippians are small dragonoids that inhabit caves, hollow trees, and other cavities, including old and abandoned buildings. They are about the size of house cats, with long mobile tails, and batlike wings, with a wingspan of about two meters. They live in colonies, which usually have a single breeding pair and their grown offspring, who help tend the eggs and hatchlings. Chrrippians subsist mainly on several types of fungus, which they farm. They are most active at dawn and dusk, when they fly out of their caves in search of wood, leaves, and other plant matter to nourish their fungus farms. The farms include phosphorescent fungi that light the chrrippians' underground lairs, as well as non-glowing fungi that are used for food.

When foraging for decaying wood above ground, chrrippians are often accompanied by small groups of thliggums, which eat the grubs exposed in rotting logs opened by the chrrippians.

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