20131006 Club and Spear

A game of Club and Spear

and Spear is a popular game among Tordreshni, and in some cities with significant settlements of Tordreshni, is also a popular among the Hudresh (to watch, not play; very few Hudresh can survive the rigors of this game).


The rules of the game vary considerably between wild and town trolls, and also from region to region. In the wild, games tend to be much less rule driven, and often degenerate into brawls.

In town rule

Club and Spear field

Layout of typical field for Club and Spear (town rules)

s, the game is usually played on a field with five bases, though the number of bases may vary. 

Teams may have any number of players, provided the number is matched at the start of the game.

Matching of numbers is ensured during the Taunting, the opening ritual in which team members are paired with their opposites, starting from smallest and going to largest, who then stand face to face and insult each other until someone from one side loses their temper and strikes the other. The side that refrained from hitting the other side longer goes to bat first.

Each player is armed with a club, except the pitcher, who is armed with a wooden spear (no stone or metal point), and the catcher, who catches the spear and throws it back to the field. In town games, the club is usually padded with leather and stuffing to soften the blows and reduce the chances of mortal damage. A club-wielding baseman defends each base. Each team consists of a line of players who all play all the time.

The game begins with a target (the Bloke) set up at home base. The Bloke is a target, usually made of straw, though historically (and sometimes even now) a live person, usually a war captive, tied to a stake. The pitcher tries to throw his spear at the Bloke. The batter tries to knock the spear aside, protecting the Bloke. If he knocks the spear aside successfully, the Batter picks up the Bloke and carries him as fast as he can to First. The Baseman tries to keep the Batter from carrying the Bloke to the Base.  The Bashers of the fielding team try to stop the Batter, and the Blockers (of the running team) try to defend the Batter. If the Batter makes it to First, the Pitcher starts throwing again at the Bloke (now on First). The Inning continues until the Bloke is either killed (hit with a spear that sticks in the target) or makes it all the way around the bases.

Occasions of PlayEdit

Among wild trolls, Club and Spear is mainly played at occasional gatherings such as the Wild Ruckus.

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