The Gobdresh (Cave People) are commonly known in Omlandish as Goblins. They are thought to be close kin to Tordresh, which they resemble in having more nocturnal habits and large eyes, ears, and noses, but are somewhat smaller, with adult males rarely growing more than 5 feet tall. Despite their smaller size, they are tough, strong, and fierce fighters.

History first records the Gobdresh as appearing in the War Against Men, in which they swept down from the Western Mountains in vast armies, together with Tordresh, destroying all Hudresh settlements they encountered. Western Gobdresh retain their passionate hatred of the Hudresh. In the East, some survivors of the war settled in the Cloudforest Mountains and stole wives from Hudresh villages. Their descendents are generally more tolerant of Hudresh than are the Maghgobdresh ("West Goblins").

Two principal tribes of Gobdresh in Omland are the Robberlins and Goat Goblins. The Robberlins, which more closely resemble the West Goblins in their physical features and hostility to Hudresh, are most abundant in South Omland. They frequently raid Hudresh settlements for livestock and children, which they sell as slaves in Ishmodia. The Goat Goblins, most abundant in North Omland, have intermarried more frequently with Hudresh, and subsist mainly as herders of goats. They rarely attack Hudresh settlements without provocation, though they fight fiercely amongst themselves and against Robberlins.

The Gobdresh have also some relatives in the south they are called Pigdresh.

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