Gyrish ("Gyrrok") is the main language spoken in Ishmodia. It originated as a dialect of Modresh spoken in the area around Gyr, and spread widely with the imperial conquests of Ishmod the Invincible and his Modresh cavalry. It remains widely used as a language of trade,
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scholarship, and liturgy throughout much of northeastern Ishkrond.

The parent language of Gyrish, now called Old Gyrish ("Feigyrrok"), persists as a living language in the Imperial Court of Ishmodia, and is used in religious services and in the incantations of spells.

Many features of Old Gyrish, such as a complex system of noun classifications and agreements among nouns, modifiers and verbs, have been greatly simplified in the development of Modern Gyrish, as a result of centuries of contact with other languages. Likewise, the vocabularly of Modern Gyrish has greatly expanded to incorporate words from other languages.

Gyrish is commonly written in the script Ishmodnarok.

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