Hudresh ("True People") are the most abundant people of Nuerth. According to legend, their origin dates to dalliances between the Guardians and the Feidresh ("Ancient People") living in the region of Khesh, in the delta of the Alva'Atan.

They differ mainly from the Feidresh in being somewhat shorter, stockier, more quarrelsome, shorter lived, and more fertile. They mature rapidly, often marrying before the age of 20, and may have children as often as once every year or two, they they usually stop reproducing in their 40s and rarely live much beyond 70.

The Hudresh inhabit many of the lands north of the Feywood Forest, but are most abundant in the Great River Empire, Ishmodia, Omland, and neighboring lands, and in the Coastal Kingdoms. Some Hudresh live as nomadic herders, such as the Modresh.

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