Ishkrond ecological zones

Major ecological zones of Ishkrond and Siinkrond

Ishkrond is the greatest inhabited landmass of Nuerth. It extends from the vast tropical rainforests of the northern Alva'atan basin to the subarctic forests of the far south.

Three great river systems drain this vast continent. The largest by far is the Alva'atan ("Mother River"), which travels thousands of miles from its origins in the mountains of the Hidden Kingdom, through the vast rainforest basin of the Alva'atan Jungle, and south through the dry plains of Ishmodia before emptying into the Sea of Snakes in the region of Khesh.

The Ish'atan ("Great River") arises from branches in the western and southern mountains, and travels across the subtropical plains and deserts before emptying into the Sea of Snakes.

The Feywood River arises on the southern slopes of the western and southern mountains, and drains the great temperate forests of the far south, which are inhabited mainly by tribes of Feidresh, though colonies of Gidrokdresh exist in the mountains, and several pockets inhabited by Hidresh and Potato Gnomes exist in fertile valleys.

Ishkrond encloses a large inland sea, the Sea of Snakes, named for the great sea serpents found there. The densest settlements of Hudreshni occur along the temperate coastline and river valleys draining into the Sea of Snakes, including the Great River Empire, the Coastal Kingdoms, the League of Free Cities, and Ishmodia.

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