Ishmodia, also known as The Sorcerer's Empire or the Ensorceled Empire, is the empire founded by Ishmod the Invincible.

Political Map 2628

Ishmodia (Sorcerer's Empire) at its greatest extent, including the unified Modresh state.

The Empire originated as the city-state of Gyr, a trading center on the Alva'atan. As a young man, Ishmod traveled with both Modresh traders on inland caravans and with Feidresh traders sailing throughout the Alva'atan valley and along the coast of the Sea of Snakes. As pirates from Khesh and other rival city-states increasingly disrupted trade, Ishmod commanded naval attacks on pirate strongholds, and eventually overthrew several rival city-states, setting himself up as their new ruler. His victories led to great popularity in Gyr, where he eventually established himself as the supreme ruler. Rival city-states, fearing the growing strength of Gyr, attempted land invasions. In response, Ishmod led forces of Modresh horsemen against his foes, and within a few years conquered the entire Alava'atan valley, south of the Great Jungle. At its maximum extent, Ishmodia covered much of northeastern Ishkrond, making it the largest empire in Nuerth history.

Ishmodia declined strikingly following the War between Father and Sons. The delta and gulf coast cities obtained their independence, as did North and South Omland, Znak, and Far Rhonkonia. The Modresh ceased to be a unified vassal state and returned to their earlier status as a collection of quarrelsome tribes. Cities carved into the jungle fell into decay, apart from those occupied and maintained by Alvatany.

Nuerth Map

Current extent of Ishmodia and other realms of Nuerth (ca. 2912)

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