Jo Jo Shumitibop

Jo Jo Shuminibop, God of Distraction

Jo Jo Shuminibop is the Alvatany god of distraction. He's a minor god, but still not one to cross, because he'll curse you to never pay attention again. He takes the form of a large winged capuchin monkey

In battle, Alvatany sometimes call out his name to confuse their opponents. It's unclear whether it's the magical properties of the name that confuse their enemies, or the sheer randomness of your opponent shouting "Jo Jo Shuminibop" aloud.

One of his most famous worshipers was Ganagop Diddlelydop, a goofy cleric of legend.

He is the patron of all odd looking races, including several he made up himself, including a race of 6 inch humanoid dragons.

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