Lord Vigdor Woodcraft (b. 2869) is the Seventh Baron of Sabertooth. Lord Woodcraft, a hearty, robust man with long black hair, has a deep fondness for hunting, hounds, and horses. He lives in Woodcraft Manor in the village of Sabertooth Creek. He is married to Lady Omma Woodcraft (b. 2872). They have five children, including sons (Willom (b. 2887), Wanderer (b. 2890), Wolfsbane (b. 2894) and daughters Wyrmod (b. 2896) and Rowena (b. 2900).

The fiefdom of Sabertooth Valley has generally prospered under Lord Woodcraft's rule, maintaining its reputation for high quality wine and mead, and dilligent maintenance of forest lands and protection of wild beasts (apart from those being chosen for the hunt, of course). The mountains and hill country surrounding Sabertooth Valley maintain a healthy population of the namesake sabertooth cats, which are revered by the local people, as well as elephants, giant ground sloths, and other large game. Raids from Robberlins, however, have led to serious depredations, including the sacking of Wycliff Manor, in which Sir Balsa and his sons were slain.

Baronness Woodcraft is the daughter of the Tenth Earl of Highford, Yorvik Omert, and Lady Gwynndala Omert, and the aunt of the reigning Eleventh Earl of Highford, Edwing. Should Edwing die without issue, Willom Woodcraft would be next in line for the Earldom of Highford.

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