Nuerth Map

Political map of the known regions of Nuerth, 2912

Nuerth is the Omlandish name for our world. Nuerth is populated by several humanoid species or subspecies closely related to human beings, including the Huresh, Feidresh, Alvatany, Hidresh, Gidrokdresh, Gobdresh, and Tordresh.

Two inhabited landmasses are known: Ishkrond and Siinkrond. Ishkrond is far larger, spanning a vast expanse from the northern subtropics to the southern subarctic regions. Siinkrond is covered in glaciers at the south pole. The unglaciated fjords and tundra along the northern fringes of Siinkrond are populated mainly by Feidresh, who either live inland as nomadic reindeer herders, or who live along the fjords and islands as fisherfolk.

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