Omland and neighboring lands.

Maghiss River Valley

Valley of the Maghiss River, border between North and South Omland

Omland refers to a region on the northeast coast of Ishkrond, from the peaks of the Cloudforest Mountains to the coast, along with the neighboring islands of the Eastern Archipelago.

Omland was originally settled by Feidresh sea traders, and significant colonies of Feidresh persist there, especially on East Island. Hudreshni settling in Omland adpoted the Feidresh language, and modern Omlandish (Omukarondarok) remains mutually intelligible with local dialects of Feidreshrok.

The region is named for Ishmod's son Om, who explored the area and established trading settlements on the mainland. The region remained a central part of Ishmodia for many centuries, until the War Between Father and Sons.

Today, most of Omland is divided between the dutchies of North and South Omland.

Vast tracts of Omland, particularly the highlands, consist of wilderness areas occupied mainly by Gobdresh (Gobland) and Tordresh (Trolland).

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