Thliggums are some of the more unusual creatures of the native Nuerth fauna. Distantly related to snake-apes, they walk on two legs, which are thin and bird-like, and have two long, scrawny arms, with long-fingered, dextrous hands and opposable thumbs. Their heads and bodies are covered with long stringy hair, giving the overall impression of a mop on stilts. They have large, disc-shaped eyes, huge noses, and long, prehensile, highly mobile tongues. They live in small groups in a range of habitats throughout Ishkrond, though they are secretive and rarely seen. They glean invertebrates from tree bark and rotting wood with their long tongues. They also hunt small vertebrates using simple weapons, including spears and even (in some populations) bows and arrows. They frequently associate with chrrippians, eating grubs exposed when chrrippians break apart rotting logs to obtain wood for their fungus gardens.

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